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We combine international perspectives and top tier students to offer flexible goal-orientated services and creative solutions to satisfy your needs


Our organisation consists of highly dedicated students who share our passion for learning and helping your business grow


We ensure our services are of the highest quality by carefully selecting the most dedicated consultants and having them trained by our prestigious partners

My business wants to…

boost sales

Understand key sales drivers, value propositions and other marketing aspects to boost sales.

increase customer engagement

Explore, build or enhance different channels to increase consumer engagement and brand awareness.

create or strengthen organisational structure

Develop an efficient organisational structure with strong internal processes which facilitates growth.

formulate a growth strategy

Discover how your business can expand and elaborate a detailed strategy to scale up.

extend consumer base

Decode consumer characteristics to increase consumer acquisition and conversion.

build a strategic business plan

Define an action plan to realize your project and to ensure its financial viability.

impress investors

Prepare a solid business plan, a budget projection, and a pitch to convince investors and secure funding.

scale products to new markets

Investigate opportunities of scaling products to enter new markets or market segments.

conduct an external evaluation

Gain a fresh outside-in perspective on any other problems that your business may have.

Before the project

1. Project formulation
2. Project offer
3. Contract

During the project

1. Meet the project team
2. Develop project plan
3. Mid-term evaluation
4. Final report and presentation
5. Project closing

After the project

1. Feedback

Marco will answer all your remaining questions


We are enthusiastic about working with you! My name is Marco, I am the President of Erasmus Tech Consulting. I am happy to answer all your questions related to our services, the project timeline and how we operate. Let’s get in contact and we can figure out how we can help you. You can reach me through the form below or at or by sending me a message on LinkedIn!

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